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Search for escorts from Parana Escorts including Reserva and nearby cities, Telemaco Borba (42 km), Tibagi (46 km), Ortigueira (49 km), Candido de Abreu (50 km), Prudentopolis (63 km), Imbituva (68 km), Carambei (81 km), Castro (85 km), Ponta Grossa (85 km), Faxinal (86 km), Pirai do Sul (92 km), Irati (93 km), Pitanga (93 km), Guarapuava (103 km), Ibaiti (111 km), Palmeira (120 km), Jaguariaiva (123 km), Wenceslau Braz (136 km), Apucarana (137 km), Pinhao (141 km), Jandaia do Sul (141 km), Assai (142 km), Sao Mateus do Sul (143 km), Siqueira Campos (148 km), Arapongas (149 km), Mandaguari (152 km), Senges (152 km), Londrina (153 km), Jataizinho (155 km), Ibipora (155 km), Rolandia (157 km), Cambe (158 km), Campo Largo (160 km), Marialva (161 km).

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R. Benjamin Constant
Reserva - PR

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There are approximately 37 registered profiles from Reserva. Including surrounding areas of Telemaco Borba, Tibagi, Ortigueira, Candido de Abreu, Prudentopolis, Imbituva, Carambei, Castro, Ponta Grossa, Faxinal, Pirai do Sul, Irati, Pitanga, Guarapuava, Ibaiti, Palmeira, Jaguariaiva, Wenceslau Braz, Apucarana, Pinhao, Jandaia do Sul, Assai, Sao Mateus do Sul, Siqueira Campos, Arapongas, Mandaguari, Senges, Londrina, Jataizinho, Ibipora, Rolandia, Cambe, Campo Largo, Marialva, there are over 10,444 members and growing every day.